# Getting started

# Installation

To get started you have to add nuxt-typo3 module for your Nuxt.js application. To bootstrap your app we recommend create-nuxt-typo3-app which is exactly fork of nuxt-create-app but included preconfigured options to start with nuxt-typo3.

# Install with yarn

yarn add nuxt-typo3

# Install with npm

npm install nuxt-typo3

# Configuration

Add typo3 object to your nuxt.config.js to configure all required settings. Read more about configuration here

  modules: [

  typo3: {
    baseURL: 'https://yourwebsite.com',
    api: {
      baseURL: 'https://api.yourwebsite.com'
    i18n: {
      locales: ['en', 'pl', 'de'],
      defaultLocale: 'en'


nuxt-typo3 require Vuex store. Create empty index.js file in store directory, read more here.


If you want to see TYPO3 headless API response on your homepage, please remove your pages/index.vue file.